“Egalia” and its implications

Today I turned on my computer, visited a few news websites and saw a common article among them. This article caught my eye with the headlines like

No ‘him’ or ‘her’; preschool fights gender bias
No “boys” and “girls” at gender-neutral preschool in Sweden
Swedish Preschool Fights Gender Bias, Drops ‘Him’ and ‘Her’

Upon looking further at these articles, I found something that shocked me.

The Swedish government funded school Egalia is a “non-gender school.” This means the school does not use gender words such as him or her, referring to people using the gender neutral “friend” and other words. This is an attempt to make sure these children are not “pressured” into fitting what gender they were born with. They want to keep the gender of the child open to the child’s imagination. The following links are from FOX news, CNN, and MSNBC.


As a Christian, I think it is rather easy to see why I object to this sort of thing. The Bible is very clear about such attitudes toward gender and sexuality, and I have pledged myself to follow Christ. But I would like to point out some things about this story that I find interesting and rather disturbing.

1. Logical Gap

One teacher is quoted as blaming gender separation on social circumstances. Thus if a child were put into an environment without those circumstances, then the child would not discriminate or would have a loose view of gender. The actions of the school however suggest otherwise. The intentional placement of certain toys beside each other shows that the school must tamper with the environment of the child so that the child does not fall into the natural form of thought about gender. This action is in direct contradiction to what the school stated before. The school has to WORK to make sure the children do not take the natural form of action.

2. Foundational Attack

The method of this movement is quite clear. After all, the best way to kick a man in the head is by first taking out his knee. The movement against the children is the most dangerous sort of attack for a group to employ. By restricting childrens vocabulary, toy placement, learning opportunities, and even access to simple fairy tales, this “school” is changing tomorrow’s leaders, carefully changing what they learn so that it fits the sheltered agenda of the teachers

So what are the implications of this situation? Clearly this school is not the majority of schools in the Sweden and clearly not the world, but this movement is growing, in fact it would not be a huge surprise to me if quite soon schools similar to this began to form in the United States. This sort of erroneous logic and effective target of children will cause a possible change in the identity of our children. If children are not even sure WHO they are, how can we as a society try and tell them what they should do? Without a proper background of cultural and historical strength (this is achieved through the elimination of past items which the teachers view as “harmful” Fairy tales etc.) , our children will not only fail to indention themselves with regards to gender, but also fail to identify with regards to culture and historical background. If this sort of school were widespread, we would be committing cultural suicide due to a lack of identity. Gender is a vital part of our culture. As a Christian I am a firm believer that men and women have equally important but different roles in the church, marriage, and the family. If this distinction were to break down, the family unit would break down as well. Our entire society is based around the family unit, without it, society would breakdown into something quite unrecognizable from what we cherish.

Luke Brake


One thought on ““Egalia” and its implications

  1. Eric Marcy March 20, 2012 / 11:35 AM

    Dear Luke: Just read your article. Nice work! All I have to add is ” So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27. Keep up the GOOD WORK! Sincerely, Mr. Marcy

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