A Splash of Perspective

Recently I found myself stranded in the middle of the classy, white washed, and terrifying Birkdale Village. Thankfully I was not forced to wander the streets filled with eager shoppers and scary hipsters, rather I was able to sit on a bench in a fenced haven to watch the fountain. I am an easily amused person and instantly was in rapture at the dancing water. Leaping from one hole, the stream would soar into the sky, and upon reaching the apex of its height, shatter into drops of diamond which reflected the sun, and collapse unceremoniously into the ground. I found myself in a rare and enjoyable moment of unadulterated enthrallment. The drops of water, when sailing through the air, were gorgeous. They were clear, clean , and captivating. This rare moment of observation was enough to keep me spellbound for the rest of the day. At that moment, I was surrounded in the most fascinating, full, and even flamboyant place: the world.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why do we confine ourselves to narrow interpretations of beauty? People say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but if we have a broad view of what is beautiful the world is full of wondrous and exciting riches. Why is gold any more beautiful than fools gold? .


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