Crying on Olympus

I could never understand the Greek gods. How could someone with so much command and ability be so stupid? They were beautiful, clever, powerful, rich, healthy. How could they be so desperate, so empty, so idiotic, and so lonely?

They had an astonishing wealth of beauty all around them. They could go visit the white and wide columned Olympus, or swim with the marvelous hippocampus of Poseidon . They had seas of new and frightening monsters, chariots that were the sun, the stunning cliffs of Ancient Greece and the brilliant fires of Hephaestus. If I were a god, I could see all of those.

Were I a god, I would be powerful. I could use this power and immortality to become a good and disciplined person. I would have access to so much information and understanding, it would be no wonder that I would become wise, righteous, and just from such exposure to truth. I would be able to see through lies and treachery, I would be able to understand how to restrain and discipline myself, because I would know the extent of my actions. If we could be a Greek god, we would be able to become wise, honesty, righteous, just, and kind people.

We could also change the world. Were we a Greek god, we could, with a little effort, help people live better, teach them what was good, honest, true and just. We could ensure that people are faithful and loving, strong and friendly. We would never have to run away from what was right, we could make people see what was true, regardless of the consequences because we would have the ability.

Would we, like the Greek pantheons, tire of the wonders of the world, shun beauty, and ignore the stunning sights of the world around us? Would we chase after the foolish, low, and violent fruits of sin, chasing after wealth, power, fame, lust and hatred? Would we sow mistrust, hate, war, violence, debauchery and death in the world? Perhaps we should not ask would we, but do we? Why are we so desperate, so empty, so idiotic, and so lonely?


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