A Journey to the Stars: Introduction

To say that science fiction has effected me would be a gross understatement. I can vividly remember clutching the worn hilt of my lightsaber, staring down the green blade at the violent, inhuman Sith. In his eyes glowed fierce cruelty and unspeakable violence. In my eyes gleamed adventure, heroism, and imagination. While my struggle was against only am grim specter of my imagination, the conflict lost none of its heroism and drama for it. I can remember arguing passionately in defense of the treasonous Lando, for what else could he do? I can remember with unfortunate clarity my horror at the discovery that there are those who prefer Star Trek to Star Wars. The shapeless clay of my life was molded by many hands, but I can say with absolute certainty that I was molded by the stars.

A long time ago, space was the final frontier. The ascent of man into the stars has yet to be accomplished, and still we climb with glory, blood, and passion into the wide expanses of space, but this dark and vast wild land has been conquered and reconquered by the brave and bold writers of science fiction. This genre has had a profound effect on both me and my blog compatriot, Eric. Therefore we are going to fire up our thrusters and clear atmosphere. For the next week, we hope to share with you part of the reason for our enthusiasm and love for this genre. I ask you to join us. The trip will indeed be shiny. Soar with us through the passion, joy, and wonder of the stars!


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